(Deutsch) 7.-9. Mai 2014 – DER ZIESEL auf der INTEGRA, Wels

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Happy Easter!


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Newsletter 03/14 – Welcome the change, spring is here!

We are proud to announce our first international distributor. “De Hobbyist”, based in the Netherlands, will from now on be the official Ziesel-Dealer for the Netherlands and Belgium.
If that´s your corner of the world, get in touch and save the date for a person Ziesel Test Ride.
De Hobbyist BV
Kraakstraat 5, 6013 RR Hunsel (Nederland)
Tel.: +31 (0) 475 567890

In the next weeks the Ziesel will be on tour through western Europe.
First stop is already next weekl the ALPITEC 2014 in Bozen, Südtirol, Italy from 9th to 11th of April.
(Booth A04/20)
Get your free ticket here: www.alpitec.it/ticket_en with the code: FREETICKET

In the same week on the 11th of April we will be at the “Outdoor- und Handbiketag” in Heidelberg, Germany.
Where it will possible to test drive the Ziesel right on the spot.

Shortly after that, we will stop in Grenoble, France at the “Mountain Planet” from 23rd to 25th of April.
(Booth 1228)

We took the opportunity of our tyrolean location and used the remaining snow to capture the Ziesel Driving experience on video.
In spirit of our first Ziesel-prototype video more than a year ago, we returned again to the same location to show what the new Ziesels can do in the snow.

Oh and by the way, have you seen our Ziesel video of a Ziesel towing two more Ziesels on a trailor up a 10% incline? That makes for a towing wheight of more than a 1000 kg or 2400 pounds.

The last snow is melting and the Ziesel is already ready to start cruising the beaches or to climb the now muddy and rocky mountains again.
Before we leave the winter behind us, you can take a last look on the snowy Ziesel fun we had in the past weeks.
Englands Channel 5 “The Gadget Show” visited us at the Achensee and broadcast this fun clip.

Pia Rivelsrud and her team from NRK, a Norwegian TV station took the Ziesel for a spin. Watch her driving the Ziesel around the Kühtai mountain here.

In February the Ziesel appeared on the popular German TV-Gameshow “Schlag den Raab” and they liked the Ziesel so much, they also used the Ziesel as opener for their “WOK-WM” a competition where people race down a sled run with an Asian cooking Wok underneath them.
Fitting the occasion, the Ziesel got a special decoration and pyro equipment for this.
raab wokwm

You would like to take a test ride on the Ziesel, or have another question? We are here to help you. Reach us through: info@derziesel.com or Tel. +43 699 154 50 557.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Ziesel and Mattro-Team!

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Newsletter 02/14 – Full Speed Ahead



We promised to make 2014 a Ziesel year, and right now, not even two months in, we are proud to say that we are on the right track.

On the 15th of February 3.19 million people all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland were watching a TV- Game Show. One of those games were simply called “ZIESEL”. If you would like to see how the contestants fared in maneuvering their Ziesel through mud, water and gravel, have a look HERE.

From 7th to 9th of February, the first ever official ZIESEL-DAYS took place at the Achensee. It opened with a special evening presentation with food and drinks and a Ziesel-Balet in the rain. On the following days people were able to test the new Ziesels in the snowy hills. The ZIESEL-DAYS were the first presentation of the Ziesel production vehicles which will be shipped to our customers shortly. Take a look HERE to see some of the colorful new Ziesels.
Also for the first time, we showed the ZIESEL-WEAR, a small collection of Jackets and T-Shirts which can be purchased on our homepage. We would like to note, that all the revenues generated by clothing sales will be donated to help charity organisations.

And we want to say a big Thank You to all the people that made their way to Tirol to celebrate the ZIESEL-DAYS with us.

From 20th to 23th of February, the Ziesel will visit the Absolut Allrad / Hohe Jagd fair in Salzburg, Austria.
Join us and take a seat in one of our Ziesels. We will be happy to show you everything and answer your questions personally.


Starting at the 1st of March, we will open the first ZIESEL RACE TRACK in Kühtai, Austria. You will be able to drive the exact same Ziesels as seen on the TV Show! More information will be announced shortly HERE.

We updated the pricelist for 2014. You are going to find that we now offer 3 different models based on the battery capacity, starting at € 19.980.- and options to rent a Ziesel.
You would like to take a test ride on the Ziesel, or have another question? We are here to help you. Reach us through: info@derziesel.com or Tel. +43 699 154 50 557.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Mattro-Team!


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Newsletter 12/13 – Everybody´s going electric this year!


We have a little Christmas surprise for you.
Not long ago, the Ziesel was part of Discovery Channel Canada´s Daily Planet show. You can watch the results here:

And! In time for the holidays, we were able to finish another improvement for the Ziesel. Completely redesigned track-bodies.
The optimized parts will be implemented immediately into the upcoming production run.


We would also like to note that we are going to be available for our customers and partner in between the holidays.
If you want to get in contact with us, you can reach us at info@derziesel.com or by telephone +43 699 154 50 557.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Mattro-Team!

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Newsletter 11/13


First limited production run almost sold out!

The year 2014 is going to be a Ziesel year. From 7th to 9th of February 2014, we will be hosting the „Ziesel-Days“ at the Achensee, Tirol and everybody is invited, private interest and distributor alike.
You will be able to see the Ziesel in action and of course take it for a test-drive yourself. Simultaneously we will also start shipping the first 20 Ziesels, fresh from the factory floor. At the time we are writing this newsletter, there are still a few up for grabs. Be one of the first to get your hands on the Ziesel and let us know right away!

Here at Mattro, we are always striving to deliver our customers only the best of the best. That´s why we have been busy making the Ziesel even better and more powerful for you. We are happy to tell you, that we have been able to raise the performance of our 2 motors to 4,4kW each, which results in an amazing 17,5kW combined peak output, or 500Nm! Of course, more power needs more ressources, so we kept going and optimised the battery as well. We now have
8,3 kWh useable capacity (10,4 kWh battery size). This way we can provide you amazing power while keeping the number of charging-cycles at an all time high. All of this, for the same price as before!

You would like to use the Ziesel only for the cold winter-months to conquer the snow? Or rather just enjoy the sun on the beach, cruising in between the waves? Now we can offer you, private or business, options to rent the Ziesel for a chosen time. Business customers can select from leasing-options as well.

There have been some interesting events as well in the last weeks:
At the beginning of this week, the team from Daily Planet from Discovery Channel Canada followed us around testing the Ziesel on ice and fine sand. The report will be aired before Christmas.
Alois Praschberger and the Monoski-Snowclan tested the Ziesel for us in deep powder-snow on the Kaunertaler Glacier.
Our new Ziesel in Brilliant-Black optic was displayed at the “SPS IPC DRIVES” fair in Nuremberg by our motor-manufacturer “Heinzmann”.
We can now offer you heated seats, for even the coldest Ziesel-tours.
More pictures from all the events, including a testride on the sandy beaches along the Inn-riverside can be viewed here on our Facebook page.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Mattro-Team!

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Newsletter 10/13 – Start in Sölden


Dear subscribers,
On the 26th and 27th of October, the Ski-Worldcup Opening in Sölden, Austria took place. And with it, the winter season
for the Ziesel started too.

The new Ziesel proved not only it´s ability to drive on and off the snow of the glacier, but was also helping the crew to
get ready for the big ski-event by hauling loads of cargo around on the slopes. Equiped with a snowmobile-trailer, the
Ziesel was used for many transport-tasks.

And afterwards, we took the Ziesel for a spin around the impressive panorama of the Ötztaler-Glacier.
If you would like to take a look at that and see for yourself how the Ziesel fares as work companion, check out our new
video here.

New on our Homepage: Make your own Ziesel!
With the Ziesel configurator you can define your own Ziesel. Choose you prefered color, components and equipment
and see what it looks like instantly.
Leave us a note what else you need for the perfect ride, and let us know what your favorit Ziesel color is!
Link to the configurator.

Would you like a test ride with our new Ziesel?
Need some more information or order one right away?
Contact us here: info@derziesel.com or phone: +43 699 154 50 557.

We are ready!

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Mattro-Team


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Newsletter 09/13, The Ziesel is ready!

Ready to Ziesel
The Ziesel is ready!
The production for the upcoming winter season 13/14 is about to start.

It has been a creative and exciting road that led us here.
Thanks to the fantastic feedback from experts in toursim as well as private persons testing the Ziesel, we were able to take the Ziesel to the next level and into production. Today, it is not only a lot of fun to drive, but also offers an interesting alternative to a common snowmobile. While we are honing the last details now, we are already excited to take the “production”-Ziesel´s for their first spin within the next few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, we tested the Ziesel in the vineyards of North Italy. Some footage of this testride in between vine grape-vines and beautiful scenery can be seen here.
To be even closer to what´s happening with the Ziesel, feel free to join us on Facebook.

In the meantime you can find the updated technical specification and other news on our Homepage www.derziesel.com.
If you too would like to take the Ziesel for a testride, have some other questions or would like to order your personal Ziesel, get in touch with us! Our e-mail adress is info@derziesel.com and the telephone number is +43 699 154 59 557.
We are here to help!

Best wishes from Tirol,
the Mattro-Team!
Ziesel Footer

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(Deutsch) Elektroniker/in ab sofort gesucht

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Testdrive in the vineyards of North-Italy

In Fumane, in the heart of Valpolicella, Italy, we tested the Ziesel for the use in vineyards.
The farmers were very impressed by the universal use the Ziesel can provide.

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