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One of the best qualities of the Ziesel is its power to surprise. Again and again the off-roader amazes people and even more so, once they take a ride on it.
Equally it has been a journey full of discoveries for us here Mattro Mobility Revolutions, the company behind the Ziesel.

The success of the Ziesel has made it possible for us to continue to grow and develop. Our sister company Mattro Productions has taken over manufacturing and distribution of the Ziesel last summer and tomorow on the 15th of April, we will introduce a completely new electric off-road vehicle that, we believe, will surprise you just as much as the Ziesel.

We have gone through a long process in the last months to unify our brands in order to be prepared for the future developments that are just around the corner. From now on, the Ziesel will be integrated in the completely new Mattro brand structure, as will be our future vehicles and products. We are sure this step will help us to communicate our core believes even better while enabling you to explore the full range of possibilites Mattro and our products can offer. The Ziesel and our other vehicles will continue to show their own identity proudly and we will do our best to foster the amazing communities that are starting to build around it.






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Newsletter 01/15

We wish you a great year 2015 with much success, fun and action! Proudly we can look back at 2014 as the year of the Ziesels successful introduction. We were able to deliver the first run of Ziesel, set up local production and were very happy to welcome multiple European distributor into our network. Many articles were written about the Ziesel and even some TV appearances made. So took the Ziesel part in a German TV show twice – Wok WM and „Schlag den Raab“. Canada , Sweden, England and Italy followed suit and covered the Ziesel on TV too.


Ziesel Tours “Ziesel Experience for everybody”
Special Ziesel packages are available to the tourism industry, such as hotel owners, event organizers and parks. Every package includes a Guide Ziesel plus 4, 6 or 8 Tour Ziesel with special equipment.
The Guide-Ziesel guarantees the safety of all with his siganal light and avalance shovel and winch for emergencies. Further can the Guide control the power levels of the other Ziesel remotely to keep the herd on track in difficult circumstances.
If you want to try the Ziesel experience, visit our partners –
Tiroler Kühtai – a picturesque little town in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps where you can explore the scenery with special Ziesel tours. – Take a ride on the Ziesel track by visiting the Wirt in da Au in Upper Austria, the newest Member of the Ziesel family.


You too want to build a business using the Ziesel? Give us a call or send us a mail and we will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Sales Partner, Park and Tour – Germany
Our big neighbour Germany has now a dedicated Ziesel Team of its own. The Ziesel Deutschland GmbH will take care of Germany and Denmark and is right now preparing another highlight. In the next months a Ziesel Park will be opened in the Port-City of Hamburg. And in Southern Germany is Die Schwarzwald Idylle our first partner that will offer Ziesel Tours in Baden-Württemberg.


New Equipment
We are always looking to improve the User Experience of our customers and are happy to announce the latest additions. The Ziesel can now be equipped with mirrors as well as a custom Ziesel bag. Both can be mounted on the existing fenders with no additional changes needed. Already we are working on more awesome stuff to make the Ziesel the best vehicle for you – stay tuned.


Preview 2015
The success and achievements of the last year confirm our plant to expand the international availability of the Ziesel in the future. We are close to the introduction of the Ziesel in Austrialia and Switzerland and other countries will follow soon!


More pictures and updates can be found on our Facebook.

You would like to take a test ride on the Ziesel, or have another question? We are here to help you. Reach us through: or Tel. +43 699 154 50 559.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Ziesel-Team!

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Idea Contest


Your idea can win!
On this special occasion we are announcing a little idea competition. You have a new and creative idea of what the Ziesel could be used for? Tell us and have the chance to win a Ziesel Tour for 5 persons worth €600. Simply write us a mail with your idea at or use this link for the entry. We will choose the 5 most creative ideas and will put them through a public voting to determine the winner. Last call for your entry will be the 31st of August!

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Newsletter 07/14 – Work action

Who has thought of the Ziesel as a work vehicle?
The Ziesel has been a fun and action vehicle, an exciting experience with surprising drivability and all without noise and fumes to anger nature. For many of our customers it is also the most powerful and fun Off-road wheelchair. But our followers are always seeing new opportunities for the Ziesel and so the Ziesel is today also a work vehicle. The applications are many and versatile and in this video we would like to show you some of them:

Towing a trailor is good, mounted equipment even better!
In the video we show you some possibilites, from vineyards to fruit orchards to universal, compact mini-tractor to the electric snowmobile, and we are not slowing down. Because of many requests, we have included mounting points for additional equipment in the front and rear frame of the Ziesel.


Of course this opens up even more possibilites. We are working right now on special equipment like rotary mower and snow shields that will fit the Ziesel perfectly. To make it complete, an external electrical power socket will be made available directly on the Ziesel to hook up the equipment for power. We will keep you up to date on these developments in the next newsletters and on our facebook page. To give you some ideas:



Your idea can win!
On this special occasion we are announcing a little idea competition. You have a new and creative idea of what the Ziesel could be used for? Tell us and have the chance to win a Ziesel Tour for 5 persons worth €600. Simply write us a mail with your idea at or use this link for the entry. We will choose the 5 most creative ideas and will put them through a public voting to determine the winner. Last call for your entry will be the 31st of August!

The Ziesel production is growing!
A lot of people have asked us: “Who builds the Ziesel?”. We too have discussed this matter extensively. After the big and international media attention companies approached us with offers to buy the Ziesel rights. The offers were tempting to say the least. But our motivation is it to bring a great product with the best possible quality to our customers and we want to make sure this happens now and in the future. So instead we are expanding our capacities A especially for this purpose founded second company, the Mattro Production GmbH, will be focused on this task. On 1200m² of production area the future Ziesels will be build in limited series. This way we can guarantee the best and highest quality product that we want our customers to have.

What happened recently?
Last month the local town of Innsbruck held their “e-mobility days”. Mattro and the Ziesel offered the visitors the chance to test the Ziesel on 30 degree ramps. Have a look:

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Newsletter 06/14 – Offroad Action

Let the Ziesel show you how it can maneuver in mud and dirt, drive over 60% inclinations with ease and have some offroad fun! The Ziesel was developed for outdoor action and can be used all year round with impressive performance on almost all surfaces like: snow, sand, stone, mud, grass and more.


This years Erzbergrodeo was typically cold, dirty and a lot of fun. At the 20th Anniversary of the legendary Erzbergrodeo, the Ziesel made its appearance as Team Kinigadner and Team Katoch fought for the Ziesel Race Victory! The contestants raced each other on an abstacle course with the winner of each race getting one step closer to the grand finale. In the end Kinigadner and his team won the Ziesel Race but not without being soaked in mud and surrounded by laughter of joy.

Have a look at the great Race HERE.

24   30

23   06


We are proud to present you the next Ziesel Distributors. Italy , Norway and Sweden will be covered by these two new partners. Get in contact right away and take a test ride on the Ziesel!

Ziesel-distributor in Italy:                                   
Via Ugolini, 19
I-37022 Fumane
Tel.: +39 340 700 1244                                                

Ziesel-distributor in Norway and Sweden:
Paul A. Owrens veg 30
Postboks 25
N-2607 Vingrom
Tel.: +47 61 26 22 00

Look HERE to find the distributor closest to you.


INTEGRA WELS, 07.-09.05.2014
Thank you for visiting us at the Integra in Wels. The Ziesel was quite an eyecatcher for barrierfree sport and mobility. As a special treat, we were able to let our visitors test the Ziesel on our 60% inclination-ramp. And with our silent electric motors, none of the surrounding audience was disturbed by noise or fumes.


From 17. to 19.05.2014 was the Pistenbock-Premiere of our Partner-Firm Bock Machining GmbH. We had a lot of fun on the weekend-event with the Team from #Pistenbock and their awesome new sled. Ride down, #Ziesel up!

10298610_1435125856737635_3648388667120912960_o   10295295_1435126060070948_793697366500614577_o

10286764_1435126080070946_244193498996788128_o   10269087_1435126130070941_7940805543245193227_o


At the 17th of June will be the Electromobility Congress in Innsbruck. Main topics will be need of mobility, strategies of the automotive industries and questions around charging, energy and IT. On the following day, the 18th, will be a public show of electric vehicles in front of the “Tiroler Landestheater”, where also the Ziesel will be present and ready to be tested by visitors.

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Newsletter 04/14 – ZIESEL ON THE BEACH

From the Tyrolean mountains directly to the beaches of North Italy. The newest test rides with the electric, compact ATV Ziesel have taken and the developer team from Mattro Mobility Revolutions have taken place on the near beaches, dirt roads and vine-yards of Italy.

Only the sound of the waves and the tracks rolling in the sand is audible while the Ziesel glides easily along the ocean. No fumes, no distracting noise disturbs those who live or vacation in this idyllic scenery. While being the peaceful companion for a beach stroll, the Ziesel still delivers more than 500Nm of torque when needed.
Just like on the snow before, the Ziesel steering is easy and precise in the sand and dirt roads as well as on the grass between the vine stocks. It is this use and consistency all year long that makes the Ziesel so desirable for many people.

Over 5000 likes have been received from all over the world. For this occasion, we are giving away a Ziesel T-Shirts on Facebook.
Simply share the Ziesel Facebook Post with our new beach video publicly (so that we see who participates) and maybe you will be the next winner.

Today, 7th of May until 9th of May is the Ziesel present at the Integra, Wels. Come and visit us and test the Ziesel! for more informaiton.

The worldwide known Motorsport Event Erzbergrodeo is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and the Ziesel will celebrate right with them. From 29th of May until 1st of June thousands of motorsport enthusiasts will meet at the Austrian Erzberg to compete in off-road driving. Of course the Ziesel won´t miss that.

The Pistenbock is the new sledge for the slope. Simple and precise steering and made to work with every ski lift make this the new alternative to ski and snowboard for the slope. On the 17th, 18th and 19th of May will be the World Premiere on the Kaunertaler Gletscher in Tirol. You would like to be there? Register here: Enjoy the ride down on the Pistenbock and the ride back up with the help of the Ziesel.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who stopped by at our booths and events in the last weeks.
Alpitec in Bozen, Handbike-day in Heidelber and the Mountainplanet in Grenoble, it was always a pleasure to meet you and share the story of the Ziesel with you.

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(Deutsch) 7.-9. Mai 2014 – DER ZIESEL auf der INTEGRA, Wels

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Happy Easter!


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Newsletter 03/14 – Welcome the change, spring is here!

We are proud to announce our first international distributor. “De Hobbyist”, based in the Netherlands, will from now on be the official Ziesel-Dealer for the Netherlands and Belgium.
If that´s your corner of the world, get in touch and save the date for a person Ziesel Test Ride.
De Hobbyist BV
Kraakstraat 5, 6013 RR Hunsel (Nederland)
Tel.: +31 (0) 475 567890

In the next weeks the Ziesel will be on tour through western Europe.
First stop is already next weekl the ALPITEC 2014 in Bozen, Südtirol, Italy from 9th to 11th of April.
(Booth A04/20)
Get your free ticket here: with the code: FREETICKET

In the same week on the 11th of April we will be at the “Outdoor- und Handbiketag” in Heidelberg, Germany.
Where it will possible to test drive the Ziesel right on the spot.

Shortly after that, we will stop in Grenoble, France at the “Mountain Planet” from 23rd to 25th of April.
(Booth 1228)

We took the opportunity of our tyrolean location and used the remaining snow to capture the Ziesel Driving experience on video.
In spirit of our first Ziesel-prototype video more than a year ago, we returned again to the same location to show what the new Ziesels can do in the snow.

Oh and by the way, have you seen our Ziesel video of a Ziesel towing two more Ziesels on a trailor up a 10% incline? That makes for a towing wheight of more than a 1000 kg or 2400 pounds.

The last snow is melting and the Ziesel is already ready to start cruising the beaches or to climb the now muddy and rocky mountains again.
Before we leave the winter behind us, you can take a last look on the snowy Ziesel fun we had in the past weeks.
Englands Channel 5 “The Gadget Show” visited us at the Achensee and broadcast this fun clip.

Pia Rivelsrud and her team from NRK, a Norwegian TV station took the Ziesel for a spin. Watch her driving the Ziesel around the Kühtai mountain here.

In February the Ziesel appeared on the popular German TV-Gameshow “Schlag den Raab” and they liked the Ziesel so much, they also used the Ziesel as opener for their “WOK-WM” a competition where people race down a sled run with an Asian cooking Wok underneath them.
Fitting the occasion, the Ziesel got a special decoration and pyro equipment for this.
raab wokwm

You would like to take a test ride on the Ziesel, or have another question? We are here to help you. Reach us through: or Tel. +43 699 154 50 557.

All the best from Tirol, Austria,
your Ziesel and Mattro-Team!

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