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Celebrities race the Ziesel

This year, the “Kristallzauber” music event by Gregor Glanz starts with a new highlight: the 1st Ziesel Celebrity Race.

Right for Januar 28th, a snow course was formed directly on Seefeld’s market square. About 30 well-known faces from the show and music business will fight for the winner’s trophy. Get a glance at the celebrities in Casino Seefeld, when they get their numbers. Or be at the spot for the starting signal at 8 p.m.

After a first round for testing, the race is against the clock for Carmen & Robert Geiss and many others. The crowd gets through the first runnings trying to leave their opponent behind. It will be 4 starters against each other in semi-finals and after a race for position 3, the two semi-final winners get their chance to actually win the trophy.

Whoever wins the Ziesel Race – first and foremost it is about the joy of electric driving!

See you in Seefeld! Entrance free!
Find recent information on the Ziesel Facebook page.

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Driven by EcoLogic

It is important for Alois Bauer, the founder of Mattro, to foster sustainable technologies and integrate companies from the surrounding. “Our generation is responsible for wrong decisions concerning planet earth and even if it is clear to us that our organisation cannot act in a 100% ecologic way, we try every day to do the right thing.”

Part of Mattro´s philosophy is taking on responsibility and contributing with every new project to a future worth living in. This is why the Ziesel components, that are locally produced and assembled in the associated factory in Schwaz/Tyrol, are selected to allow for low-maintenance and long lasting joy.

The team around the engineer consists of individuals who have clearly decided to contribute to a real purpose: “Our reward is the joy of those whose lives we facilitate with energy and mobility solutions on a sustainable base.”

What a great way to work!

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Opening of the first Ziesel Store

We are proud to announce the opening of the first Ziesel Store!

Right in time for winter season, the world’s first Ziesel Store opens in Fügen/Zillertal, at the heart of the Austrian alps. No better place could have been selected to display the electric offroader for those interested in its impressive abilities.

This is the place to get a real life sensation of the dimensions and haptics of a vehicle you have seen online and on TV. Experience the quality of perfectly welded steel components, the smootly oiled wood elements and the shine of the surface colors – all of which is crafted only a stone’s throw away at Mattro headquarters and manufactory.

Starting mid-December, combine your ski trip with a visit of the Ziesel in Home of Pools, right at the road leading into town.

You are more than welcome!

Ziesel Store Fuegen

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Become a Mattro Partner

Mattro, the Tyrolean manufacture for electric vehicles, spreads a lot of delight among the users of their off-road vehicle. After the first ride with the electrically powered wheeler on tracks, you cannot get rid of the smile on your face.
The joy can be shared now! Being one of the first locations worldwide, the Ziesel Park Hamburg invites guests to explore the limits of that innovative all-terrain vessel. And here is skill as critical as pace. Heads-up: Hamburg is only the beginning. Mattro opens up to cooperate with top destinations and hosts to offer pure outdoor fun worldwide.

It is Mattros’ philosophy, that attracts the right partners. This is because it’s a sincere concern for founder Alois Bauer to develop environmentally friendly, electric mobility and energy concepts for a future worth living in. On that sense, Mattro is opening up globally for like-minded partners, salesmen, project managers, park operators, tour promoters, landowners and investors. “There are various possibilities to cooperate” he describes the current situation, “and we trust in our instinct for such decisions, when meeting people with the same values.”

Become Ziesel partner_EN

The current dealer network includes Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy while clients in Germany and Denmark are looked after by the team that started Ziesel Park Hamburg. As a first mover within electric mobility, offering that unique Ziesel park concept, Mattro proves to be highly attractive. Not least as the single-seater scores with extreme agility on and off-road, very small operating costs and a power that surprises everyone at the first ride.
No matter whether dealing with outdoor activities, events or agricultural work – with the Ziesel you can address several target groups. And exactly this versatility convinced hoteliers and tour promoters, as with the innovative Ziesel they access the youngsters, sport fans and those, who aim to be first when innovations are launched. But also elderly and people with disabilities are attracted, due to intuitive driving in different modes. The Ziesel, as a barrier-free means of transportation with no air pollution, is suitable for leisure concepts of big hotel chains and event promoters as well as agriculturally inaccessible regions.

At the moment projects pop up in diverse scopes as the Ziesel creates many prospects. Therefore, this is the best time to become a partner and co-create the unlimited world of Ziesel parks, enabling and experiencing joy.

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Well received: The first Ziesel park worldwide

Since May ten Ziesel are cruising in the Baakenhafen area of HafenCity in Hamburg, across country in mud and steep banks – in the world‘s first ZIESEL PARK.

The wild offroad course extends over 9.000 square meters and pushes visitors to their limits when riding over chicanes, moguls and billabongs. Direcly opposite: The ZIESEL BEACH CLUB for relaxed watching.

The Team of Mattro congratulates to an impressive number of riders & guests!
For more details on cruising the offroader, have a look at www.zieselparkhamburg.de

Ziesel Park Hamburg_EN

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(Deutsch) Erzbergrodeo: Rennlegende im Ziesel

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Ziesel Newsletter Juli 2015

Review of the Interalpin
The international fair for alpine technology takes place every second year. Since the Ziesel was presented 2013 for the first time in public, the direct driving power of the electric offroader excited all those, who have ever tested the Ziesel.
Of course, the Ziesel has advanced since his first presentation: the chassis widened, the electric motors grew stronger, the drive ergonomics were optimized and the Ziesel got an appealing design.

We therefore could not wait to show the public the current Ziesel with the brand new Mattro branding and exciting developments, as some suggestions came directly from our customers. The flexible offroader proudly showed the equipment for his jobs and was present with snowplough, towing hitch and cable winch. In preperation for the event, our electric vehicle dressed up for a photoshooting. We showed the outcome at the fair and would like to also share it here with you.

The Interalpin fair is always a special date for Mattro. Just the right place for a world premiere! Our team of engineers came up with a totally new approach to create an all-terrain vehicle usable throughout the whole year. Again with an electric drive, again on tracks – but now for two person and the possibility to load items up to 250 kg. Top speed is above 80 km/h and the extraordinary design. Attention from the international audience for the prototype called ARDENNER was really huge – his new fans cannot wait for results of the first test drive. To sweeten the waiting time for you, here are some cool shots of the prototype.

ardenner_studio_frontal_pano ardenner_studio_freeride_s

Brand day with the Brand Club Austria
With the slogan „Creation of a brand“ the Brand Club Austria announced a visit at Mattro in Schwaz/Tyrol. Company founders, marketing managers and marketers intended to have a closer look to the rapid development of the Ziesel brand. Usually guests at world leading companies like Atomic, Bentley, Faber-Castell and Magna Steyr, the members of the Brand Club met right in the middle of Mattro- We moved some work benches, quickly transformed a Ziesel track cover into a speaker´s desk and prepared a special tyrolian lunch. Our guests stayed until the late afternoon on that sunny Friday – and we are sure the Ziesel testdrive was not the only reason. Founder Alois Bauer explained the actual challenge Mattro is facing right now: to reposition the product brand „Ziesel“ under the family branding of Mattro. Thanks for all the contribution and the suggestions that came up during the workshops!
Get some video impressions of that day on the homepage of Brand Club Austria.


Become a Mattro partner
Sharing joy with the Ziesel! According to this motto, Mattro opens up to global partners now. The concept of the Ziesel Park works very well. We daily get messages from fans who cannot wait to get into a Ziesel for cruising. It’s not only technic freaks or speed maniacs that are interested. It’s persons in wheelchairs, elderly people and naturelovers that can imagine using the Ziesel in their vineyard and farmstead – and who want to test & try it eagerly.
Join in, bring joy into the world with us! Enrich the Mattro network in being a partner, dealer, project manager, park operator or tour provider. There are manifold possibilities for future cooperation. We rely on our gut feeling in finding the right match, as we feel it when we meet persons sharing our values.


Summer is just starting – but winter is coming
And with the snow more opportunities arise for commercial guides to offer Ziesel tours. Each region has got its special places – of course there are some secret spots around your town which visitors appreciate to see. In the past years, guests of the Gerber Hotel group in Kühtai/Tyrol valued particulary the tours at night when they got offered the chance to cruise the Ziesel uphill on skislopes and spend the evening with their friends in a homey mountain hut. A detour to a nearby water reservoir usually provided the participants with a wonderful view to the illuminated village. You can even imagine such an event as a WOW-suprise for your loved one!
Therefore, tour operators and everyone who can imagine to become a tour operator – stay tuned! The Ziesel is not only a good topic to build a park around, it also works as a business model, creating additional volumes during all seasons.

K++htai_Nachttour_01 K++htai_Nachttour_15

Ziesel experience
With the wind in your hair and a never ending smile on your face.
Visit the Ziesel and bring your friends!

You can ride the agile offroader here:

– Ziesel Park Hamburg am Baakenhafen, www.zieselparkhamburg.de
– eFunpark in D-75323 Bad Wildbach, www.emove.de
– erlebnis-manufaktur in D-72270 Baiersbronn, www.schwarzwaldidylle.de
– Wirt in da Au, A-4920 Schilddorn, www.wirtindaau.at

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(Deutsch) Eröffnung des Ziesel Park Hamburg

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Bringing together what belongs together!


One of the best qualities of the Ziesel is its power to surprise. Again and again the off-roader amazes people and even more so, once they take a ride.
Equally it has been a journey full of discoveries for us here at Mattro, the company behind the Ziesel.

The success of the Ziesel has allowed us to grow and develop. Our attached company Mattro Productions GmbH has taken over manufacturing and distribution of the Ziesel last summer and on April 15th, we will introduce a completely new electric off-road vehicle that we believe, will surprise you just as much as the Ziesel.

We have gone through a long process in the last months to unify our brands in order to be prepared for future developments that are just around the corner. From now on, the Ziesel will be integrated in the Mattro brand structure, as will be our future vehicles and products. We are sure this step helps us to communicate our core believes even better while enabling you to explore the full range of possibilites Mattro and our products can offer. The Ziesel and our other vehicles will continue to show their own identity proudly and we will do our best to foster the amazing communities that are starting to build around it.






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Newsletter 01/15

We wish you a great year 2015 with much success, fun and action! Proudly we can look back at 2014 as the year of the successful Ziesel introduction. We were able to deliver the first run of Ziesel, set up local production and were very happy to welcome multiple European distributors in our global network. Many articles were written about the Ziesel and even some TV appearances took place. So was the Ziesel part of a German TV show twice – Wok WM and „Schlag den Raab“. Canada, Sweden, England and Italy followed and covered the Ziesel on TV as well.


Ziesel Tours “Ziesel Experience for everybody”
Special Ziesel packages are available to the tourism industry, such as hotel owners, event organizers and parks. Every package includes a Guide Ziesel plus 4, 6 or 8 Tour Ziesel with special equipment.
The Guide Ziesel guarantees the safety of all participants with his siganal light and avalance shovel and winch for emergencies. Further can the Guide Ziesel control remotely the power levels of the Tour Ziesel vehicles to keep the herd on track in difficult circumstances.
If you want to have the Ziesel experience, visit our partners –
Tiroler Kühtai – a picturesque little town in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps where you can explore the scenery with special Ziesel tours.
www.wirtindaau.at – Take a ride on the Ziesel track by visiting the Wirt in da Au in Upper Austria, the newest member of the Ziesel family.


You too want to build a business using the Ziesel? Give us a call or send us a mail and we will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Sales Partner, Park and Tour – Germany
Our big neighbour Germany has now a dedicated Ziesel Team of its own. The Ziesel Deutschland GmbH will take care of Germany and Denmark and is right now preparing another highlight: In the next months a Ziesel Park will be opened in the HafenCity of Hamburg. And in Southern Germany is “Die Schwarzwald Idylle” our first partner that will offer Ziesel Tours in Baden-Württemberg.


New Equipment
We are always looking to improve the User Experience of our customers and are happy to announce the latest additions. The Ziesel can now be equipped with mirrors as well as a custom Ziesel bag. Both can be mounted on the existing fenders with no additional changes needed. Already we are working on more awesome stuff to make the Ziesel the best vehicle for you – stay tuned.


Preview 2015
The success and achievements of the last year confirm our plant to expand the international availability of the Ziesel in the future. We are close to the introduction of the Ziesel in Austrialia and Switzerland and other countries will follow soon!


More pictures and updates can be found on our Facebook.

You would like to take a test ride on the Ziesel or have another question? We are here to help you. Reach us through info@derziesel.com or Tel. +43 699 154 50 559.

All the best from Tirol, Austria!
The Mattro Team

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